The Hospital Management System (HMS) is a comprehensive system to manage a hospital's operational and clinical processes under an unified and open application platform.
Integration with RIS/PACS: Radiology bookings and orders are made in HMS. HMS routes order to RIS via HL7 (and DICOM broker) or DICOM worklist server, and the worklist is then passed to the modality.
Features of HMS include:
Patient master index (PMI) and electronic patient record (ePR)
Patient Administration System (PAS) -- Appointment, booking, and scheduling
Outpatient management - clinic operations
1D or 2D barcode driven workflow
Inpatient administration - Registration, admission, and discharge logistics
Inpatient clinical management -- charting, drug administration, nurse reminders.
Computerized physician order entry (CPOE)
Pharmacy and dispensing management for multiple locations.
Drug database with prescription validation (diagnoses, drug-drug-interactions, allergies, dosages, pregnancy/lataction precautions)
OT management - Scheduling, consumables, procedure recording and reporting.
Specialty management -- cardiology, neurology, maternity
Charge packages and insurance calculations
Patient billing and accounting
Inventory & procurement management
Resources scheduling and staff roster
Management reporting & analytics
Mobile clinical assistance - via tablet PC, iPAD, and portable devices
Integration with third-party sub-systems -- LIS, PACS, automated dispensing equipment, national eHR and information exchange.
Integration with enterprise management systems --  HR/EPR, finance & accounting, risk management, CRM.
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