Cardisys is a highly sophisticated cardiology management system built to empower practitioners and to improve patient care by streamlining all key aspects of cardiology operations. Cardisys improves clinical productivity by simplifying patient management, ward assignments, surgical schedules, staff rosters, inventory control, billing and reporting.
Cardisys is the only cardiology management system capable of fully integrated with the Hospital Authority’s clinical, reporting, inventory and enterprise management systems. 
We won prestigious awards including:
Hong Kong Information and Communications Technology (HKICT) Awards &
Asia Pacific Information and Communications Technology Alliance (APICTA) Awards
Features of Cardisys include:
HIPAA compliant, standard-baed open interface with HL7 and DICOM   
Web-based ePR including clinical profiles and medical records with viewable data and images of electrocardiograms (ECG), angiograms, x-ray, ultrasound and attachments
In-patient management to cater in-patient logistics from admission to discharge and rehabilitation.
OT Management to capture critical details of surgery like diagnostic information, data from electrocardiograph and patient monitors, as well as consumables, injections, contrast, suture and other critical clinical data
Full inventory management, either as a standalone system or integrated with hospital EPR and procurement systems.
Report assistant to faciliate doctors to retrieve data pertaining to each patient and surgery to prepare detailed diagnoses, medical reports, recommendations andrehabilitation programme for patients
Expert decision support system to enhance patient care & safety, by helping doctors in preliminary diagnosis,  alerting doctors of potential medical errors such as applying the wrong catheter into incompatible sites, over-dosing injections, or administering inconsistent treatment plans
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